Daniel B. Silver



You can’t turn off this attraction
But I challenge you to try
You cannot ignore this feeling
I can see it in your eyes

 There’s this obvious spell upon us
That draws us together still
Even if you try to deny it
Or try to resist its pull

 And behind my eyes this film reel plays
Torrid images flickering in my head
Like our bodies grinding wantonly
Lacy underthings hastily shed

 It’s undeniable magnetism
Sparking at our cores
Smoldering as you bite your lower lip
Thinking about being on all fours

 Oh, to feel you shudder, doll
As you straddle my lap or thigh
Open mouths and dancing tongues
That urgent and dizzying high 

You can’t stop your mind from wandering
Though you’ll say that it’s not so
But I know I could melt your defenses
If I just grab you tight and pull