Daniel B. Silver



  Lady in a red dress walking through an opulent Vegas casino
She’s hand in hand with a handsome male companion
Her hair is long and elegant, like her silk gown that’s slit up one leg
A proverbial China doll in scarlet lipstick and heels to match

The man she’s with is wearing a charcoal, pinstriped suit
It’s of British design with an Italian tie and shirt
He’s shaven and smiling, a clear cocktail on the rocks in hand
Inaudibly boasting that he’s with the most beautiful girl in the room

The couple turns heads as they strut and swagger proudly by
Anybody can see how the passion between them flies
It grows hotter by a degree when they stop for a moment to kiss
And in turn that makes the other women in the room insanely jealous

Such a dress on such a girl makes the older Asian gamblers take note
They think that marriage is in the air between the happy couple they see
But the dress is just that, just something gorgeous to wear
Just one ingredient of a perfect moment, in a perfect place and time