Daniel B. Silver



 Dispatch wants to give the Eleven David a run
So the radio barks at us as we sit in that car
A black and white with flashing reds and blues
It says on my shoulder that I’m iron in war

 Early in your career meet a black kid who grows into a teen
In some shitty housing project strewn with guns and filth
See him once playing ball, and then playing gangster
Soon the M.E. will load his dead body on a shelf

 Walk a foot beat and tell the dealers to get off the block
Tell the dopers to behave and the thugs to fuck off
See them again on the next pass around
The cat and mouse game in ten hours stops

 It’s frustrating the next day when they are all still there
Pick one off, and another takes the empty place
Tell them to leave and they ask back, “Go where?”
I’ve nothing to reply with but a blank face

 Sometimes I dream I live in the hood
An urban experiment gone horribly wrong
Slaves when brought over turned slaves to welfare
Avarice, violence and greed plaguing the throng

 Sarge says to suit up, roll out, hurry
Get out on the streets because it ain’t getting no lighter
They’re calling you for an A-run, Eleven David, so go 98
If you wanted to be a hero you would have fought fire