Daniel B. Silver



Dear Despair, I don’t love you
Not on nights like tonight
Not since the comfort of your company
Finally took flight

Dear Anguish, I’m done with you
And I swear that it’s true
That I no longer have any
Valid use for you

Dear Gloominess, Be off with you
Take leave of my self
You’re nothing but an anchor
And a detriment to my health

Dear Longing, You coward
I’m tired of your games
Your discomfort has brought me
Nothing but shame

Dear Melancholy, For God’s sake
Just leave me be
If my mind is your cage
Then I’ve set you free

Dear Daniel, who dreams drearily
It’s no use, I’m afraid
You’ve much more to endure
And your sadness is self-made

Dear Serotonin, Am I to be self-medicated
Until the end of my days?
Or should I try and hang in there
For as long as I can play?

Dear Me, I don’t believe you
I know this breakup isn’t true
For this old, blue cloud
Is cemented in you